At Bisco we are known for jobs with specific quality and for quantity requirements. We cater to customer jobs right from small SS cable ties and clips to sheet metal componenets, pressure die-cast component and more.

SHEET METAL Powder Coating

As with any other metal parts, powder coating on sheet metal requires the article to be pre-treated with 7 stage process involving degreasing, derusting, phospating and passivation to achive optimum coating results.

COATING ON ALUMINIMUM & Pressure Die casting

The aluminium pretreatment process is often done as RoHS-compatible chromate conversion coating or Phosphating of Aluminium. The process involves dgreasing, rinsing, etching, deoxidation and chromatising or phospating.

CONTINOUS COATING On Stainless Steel & bands

The Pre-treatment before Powder coating on stainless steel is done with initial degreasing followed by a mild etch using phosphoric acid to provide some mechanical adhesion and finally passivation is done to clean up the residue.

Your Powder Coating Partner

We look forward to opportunities from organization like yours to deliver best in class powder coating service as per industry standards.

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